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Tango Argentino

Der Club el Social bietet Tango-Argentino-Tanzkurse auf allen Levels an. Professionelle Lehrer unterrichten fundiert in Stil, Rhythmik und Führung, den wichtigsten Elementen der faszinierenden argentinschen Tango-Tanzkultur. Abends und nachmittags finden regelmässig Tanzanlässe für Tango Argentino, Salsa, Swing und Standard statt. Im oberen Stock des Clublokals gibt es für sie und ihn ein vielfältiges Angebot an Tanzschuhen und -kleidern aus Argentinien und Europa.

"Wir fühlen und lieben den Tango, so wie er immer war. Wir wollen ihn fortführen, bereichern und erneuern, wie dies bereits andere Generationen vor uns getan haben,
jedoch ohne seine Essenz zu verändern."

Here in Zurich!!!
Do You want to learn Argentine Tango, with an Argentine Tanguero?, why?
Tango Argentino are not just steps and dance figures, it's not a sport!
Tango is a free spirit, a feeling that is danced, a authentic complex, rich music, in nuances and emotions that are expressed in its dance.
Tango has born in Buenos Aires and Montevideo at the beginning of the 20th century, and it was the fusion of Indian, Afro, Mediterranean and Northern European cultures.
Tango is the only pleasure to melt in a single unit two people with music.
is a sensual, elegant, sometimes funny, sometimes meditative game! Tango transports you to an intact world where daily problems and pressures can not get you.
Where the age, social, ideology religions das not mater. There is only the chemistry and the pleasure of dancing, with another person.
Tango is a game of seduction and creativity.
Im Julio Mendez from Buenos Aires, l start to dance Tango when there were very few young people who danced Tango in Buenos Aires, 26 years ago.
Tango at that time was seen as a thing of the past that only the old people danced it. Many people, family friends, told me that I was crazy. They did not understand so much passion for something out of fashion.
I had the privilege of knowing and learning with those old dancers who created this unique dance.
Mingo and Ester Pugliese, Toto Faraldo, Raul Bravo, Pepito Avellaneda, Juan Carlos Copes, Gloria and Eduardo Arguinbao, Tete and Maria!
I dance as a child at family parties with my mother. I saw dancing I grew up in an environment of Tango and racehorses thanks to my father.
Every week I saw Roberto Rufino sing in a Stud where he ate a barbecue Asado with my father's friends!
I am not only a dancer but I also sing Tango. those tangos that very few sing, folk tangos of the 20s that Carlos Gardel sang. Record a CD with Carlos Juares one of the best guitars of Buenos Aires.
Sing at the mythical Bar del Chino in Pompeya quartier from Buenos Aires
I am Tanguero from always.
I had a Tango school and organized Milongas one of the most popular Milongas in the history of tango in Buenos Aires, it was called La Calesita.
Trip giving tango workshops for USA, Canada, France, Italy Germany Sweden Norway England Scotland Portugal
Dance with one of the the best dancer in the history of tango (in my opinion the best) Guillermina Quiroga,
Since 2002 I am based in Zurich and I am founder with my wife Anneke Gisi of the school, Club el Social.
I'm the creator of the Milongas el Tambito (today Zeughaushof), Falcone, Casa Italia, Viadukt, Puntazo! Tango Festival in Luzern, and International Tango Meeting Alghero Sardegna.
When I teach I try to bring my students all my experience, accumulated knowledge of all my life, feelings and love I have.
I try to take the students, through the body language of the Argentine tango, to move in harmony with the music and their dance partner.
If you want to learn Argentine Tango with a real Argentinian Tanguero and live in the Zurich Area, do not hesitate to come to the social club.
Here I wait for you with the same desire to spread the Tango that I had throughout my whole life!
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